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RKL provides legal services at low flat-fee rates and reasonable hourly rates, depending on the type of work needed. Above, you will find services routinely offered, but if you have another legal issue, please feel free to contact us. All initial consultations are free. Our services are not as expensive as other attorneys.

We run a virtual law office to keep overhead very low. When you call, you will be connected with an attorney, not a secretary. Although this website is very plain, the services offered are technologically savvy.

Clients will be given a secure contact page through which the latest case information can be communicated. You can read about and contribute to your case at 1 a.m. on your sofa at home, if you like. Many cases can be completed entirely over the Internet, at your convenience. We are also willing to make appointments where and when practicable, meaning we can come to you if you are within the greater Los Angeles area.

Here’s how a typical case works:

  1. You contact us about the service you are interested in. We provide a free consultation (the first (1st) half-hour is free) or free consultation via e-mail.
  2. Legal services are selected based on the consultation. The service is typically a flat-fee service, or you will be provided an alternate quote after the consultation. We encourage prospective clients to “shop around” for legal services.  Just as with medicine, it is usually a good idea to get a second opinion.
  3. Work begins. This always involves a “back and forth” with questions, answers, explanations, and paperwork (often paperwork must be sent to me by mail, fax, or scan, such as credit card bills in a bankruptcy). The “back and forth” may be by phone, e-mail, in person or secure web-portal.
  4. I regularly give updates for any work with a longer time-frame.
  5. Work is completed and you are informed of any additional steps you need to take, if any. You are given detailed instructions on what to do, so there is no feeling of being “lost.”
  6. We remain available for follow-up questions about the completed work.

This webpage is always under construction. Sincerely,

Robert Kahn, Esq.


T: (323) 389-5066
F: (323) 372-3806


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